Anti Ageing Peel

This revolutionary Chemical Skin Peel has been scientifically developed with specific combinations of natural acids to produce the optimum results in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and fading away imperfections, leaving the skin smooth and renewed. When skin cells are activated, they can produce more collagen and elastin. Stimulation from a chemical peel can increase the production of many key elements that make up a youthful looking complexion. Rich in L-Mandelic acid and Lactobionic acid, this Anti Aging Peel is the perfect peel to eliminate fine lines.

Key Actives

  • L-Mandelic acid – a mild and effective alpha-hydroxy acid, giving comparable results to glycolic acid but without the negative side effects therefore reducing redness and downtime.
  • Lactobionic acid – a mild poly-hydroxy acid with great antioxidant and water-retaining properties.


  • Enhances epidermal and dermal hydration
  • Inhibiting action with respect to acne breakouts
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Facilitates the release of comedones
  • Results in a smoother and tighter skin post treatment
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Herbal extracts assist with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves cellular turnover

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How long does it take to have an Anti Ageing Skin Peel?

About thirty minutes in total, hence it has often been referred to as “the lunch time peel”.

How many Anti Ageing peels will I need?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on your skin and what you are looking to improve. Individually skin care programs will be designed to suit you by our highly trained professionals. You can use skin peels individually or as a combination treatment. Skin Peels can be used to complement the acne laser treatment and laser skin rejuvenation treatment to produce fantastic results. This will be discussed at your FREE consultation.

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Can I go right back to work?

Yes, work or other normal activities may be resumed immediately.

What is the treatment like?

There is a mild degree of “tingling” or a slightly itchy sensation while the Anti Ageing Peel is in contact with the skin. Upon neutralizing the peel, the skin feels fresh and smooth without discomfort.

Can I go out into the sun after having an Anti Ageing peel?

You may go outside, but sunscreen must be worn for at least a few days after the peel as your skin will likely be a little more sensitive to sun exposure.

Our client base includes people from many surrounding areas such as Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Dorchester, Ringwood, Weymouth, Bridport and Southampton to name a few.

I found Resolve clinic very helpful and with efficient customer service. I had skin rejuvenation with IPL and a natural acid skin peel and it made me lose years. I felt I looked tired and I had a few pigmentation marks and thread veins on my cheeks. The course of treatments helped me feel better about myself.
Rosie, Dorchester, Dorset

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